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Alexandra BrandBiographical informationPhysical description and equipmentChronological and political information
Alex Brand gears of War 250px-AlexBrandUpdatedEdit
HomelandJilane, Tyrus

Date of birthAt least 3 years before Emergence Day[1]




Hair colorRed

Eye colorGreen


  • Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle
  • Snub Pistol
  • Bolo Grenade


  • COG Armor
  • Lighter


  • Packhorse
  • Van


  • Locust War
  • Lambent Pandemic

Notable Facts

  • Barren
  • Scar across her left cheek to chin


  • Coalition of Ordered Governments

    • Foxtrot
    • Delta-One

Sergeant Alexandra "Alex" Brand was one of the few female Gears serving in a frontline role in the post-Emergence Day Coalition of Ordered Governments army. She had been part of Chairman Richard Prescotts birthing program to boost the human population, but was unable to bear children, thus forcing her to take a combat role. She was assigned to Foxtrot four months after the Lightmass Offensive, and was reassigned to Delta-One on their reconnaissance of Jilane, since she was from the breeding farms located there. Alex later fought in several battles during the Lambent Pandemic.



BiographyAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

Alex Brand gears of War 200px-AlexBeingDeclaredBarrenAlex being declared "barren" at the age of eighteen.
Alex Brand gears of War 20px-AvatarAdded by The Forgotten Jedi
Living on the FarmsAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"From the first day I remember, all anyone talked about was
making babies. The women who had the most were treated like princesses.
— Alex, describing the main focus of the birthing creches

Alex was born in the city of Jilane in the country of Tyrus. After Emergence Day, Alex, like many other women, was sent to the breeding farms in Jilane to produce more children for the Coalition of Ordered Governments
to maintain the war effort. Her earliest memories were of people
talking about making babies, and how the women who had the most children
were treated like princesses. At the age of twelve, she was raped
several times by the facility's Warden.
After this, she began working out in order to try and be able to fight
off future attempts. At the age of fourteen, the staff of the facility
tried to artificially inseminate her so she would produce offspring.
Alex attempted to resist, but two men overpowered her and strapped her
down to a table for the operation. The attempts failed, and they
attempted to impregnate her with more traditional methods, allowing the
most decorated Gears
to have their way with her. At the age of eighteen, she was declared
barren and sent to boot camp to become a frontline Gear in the COG army.
Alex attempted to tell people about what was going on in Jilane, but
people either did not listen to her or did not care. When she learned
that Jilane had been overun by the Locust, she cried, and was unsure if it was from grief over the women who had died or happiness that the farm was gone.[2]

Alex Brand gears of War 150px-AlexM.O.U.TbattleAlex assaulting a sniper nest filled with Tickers.
Alex Brand gears of War 20px-AvatarAdded by The Forgotten Jedi
Assigned to FoxtrotAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"So... who wants to give a girl a ride home?"
— Alex, to Delta-One after saving them from the Locust

Alex quickly rose through the ranks, and became a Sergeant in Foxtrot. When one of her squadmates called her "foxy", he woke up with a dead Heart Leech bleeding on his chest. Four months after the Lightmass Offensive, Alex was partnered with Gus during an urban operations battle against the Locust, working with Delta-One to clear the area. After clearing an area of Locust and destroying an Emergence Hole,
they moved on to 6th and LaCroix street. Delta-One was ambushed by
Locust where Foxtrot had destroyed the E-Hole, and contracted Foxtrot
for assistance after they became pinned down by snipers. Alex and Gus
rushed back to help, but were unable to reach the snipers because of Tickers, and they did not have any granades
to throw into the sniper nest. Alex decided to climb on top of rubble
next to the building the snipers were in, and jumped across as Gus
yelled at her to come back. She blew up the Tickers, causing a chain
reaction that blew up the sniper nest. As she came down from the
building, Gus introduced Alex to the members of Delta, who were
surprised to discover she was a women when she took off her helmet and
asked for a ride home.[2]

Mission to JilaneAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

Alex Brand gears of War 250px-Full_view_AlexAlex stating that Maria would be better off with the locust then being at Jilane.
Alex Brand gears of War 20px-4889062Added by Parasidian
Reassigned to DeltaAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"Understood, sir. I'm sure he'll live up to his reputation."
— Alex, to Col.Victor Hoffman after he informed her that Sgt.Marcus Fenix would be in command of the mission to Jilane

After the battle, Foxtrot and Delta returned to base. Alex was called into a briefing with Delta-One, and two members of Sigma-One, Cpl.Damon Baird and Pvt.Augustus Cole. They were briefed by Col.Victor Hoffman and Lt.Anya Stroud
about a distress signal that had been detected coming from Jilane.
Since the COG had lost the city months ago and there were no COG forces
in the area, they had decided to send Delta to investigate,
with Baird and Cole joining them to increase the missions firepower,
and Alex to use her native knowledge and scouting skills to help them.
Since it was his squad, Sgt.Marcus Fenix
was placed in overall command of the mission despite being the same
rank as Alex, much to Hoffman's regret. Alex told him that she was sure
Marcus would live up to his reputation, but Hoffman told her that that
was what he was afraid of. As the Gears prepared for the mission, Alex
walked up behind Cole as he talked about wooing her, to the amusement of
the other Gears. She yelled "incoming" right behind him, causing him to
panic and drop his beer, which Alex caught and thanked him for. As the
squad packed up their Armadillo, Alex saw Dom looking at a picture of his wife,
and heard him talking with Cole about maybe finding her in Jilane. She
wished him luck in finding her, but told him she would be better off
with the Locust than in Jilane. She then told the Gears what had
happened to her and the others in the farms. She then got into an
argument with Marcus, saying that since he had so many medals, the COG
must have let him go to the farms. When he denied this, she called him a
liar and a bastard, but he told her that while he may be a bastard, he
was not a liar, and had never been to the farms.[2]

Alex Brand gears of War 300px-AlexBairdMarcusUnderFireAlex, Marcus, and Baird under attack from the GBL.
Alex Brand gears of War 20px-AvatarAdded by The Forgotten Jedi
Returning to "Hell"Alex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"Huh, there goes that theory.....apparently Hell didn’t swallow this place after all."
— Alex talking about Jilane with Marcus

The Gears arrived in Jilane, and began their search for the beacon at
the Farm. Alex went with Marcus and Baird, while Dom, Jace, and Cole
searched another part of the facility. They began their search in the
wards, discovering a large number of corpses. As she looked at the
machines where the babies were kept, Alex wondered what kind of children
would come from such an upbringing, one in which they were not raised
to love. As they moved through the building, they were surprised when a group of women cornered them.[2]
When Baird saw they were pointing their guns at them he raised his, and
insulted the women, starting a firefight. Marcus told him not to fire,
and Alex and him attempted to get the women to stop shooting, telling
them that they were there to help them. The women’s leader
ordered them to hand over their weapons and surrender, and Marcus
ordered them to do it. However, the rest of Delta-One arrived, rescuing
them, and Alex and the others retrieved their guns. Baird wondered when
Marcus had called for backup, but Marcus told him they had heard the
gunfire. Alex commented that Baird needed to learn a few lessons in how
to back people up, and he sarcastically responded that he would be
willing to back her up anytime. Marcus discovered that the women were
not the ones who had set off the beacon, and did not even want COG help.
Matron then explained that after the fall of Jilane, the women who
survived cared for the children who were still alive, and avoided the
Locust. Alex then came up to Matron and asked if she even remembered
her, and a shocked Matron recognized her. Alex revealed that it had been
Matron who sent Alex to become a soldier after she was declared barren.
Marcus reported to Anya that they had located survivors, but they were
not the ones who had set off the beacon. He then took Baird and Cole to
find the beacons source, while Alex, Dom, and Jace stayed with the GBL.
Alex then talked with Annalisa,
who asked her what it was like to be around the "rapists", and how she
could stand being in the COG. Alex responded that survival was more
important, and that when the war was over she would be more judgmental.[3]

Alex Brand gears of War 200px-AlexAnnalisaAlex and Annalisa fighting the Locust.
Alex Brand gears of War 20px-AvatarAdded by The Forgotten Jedi
Locust AttackAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"Fuck that. Gears don't leave each other behind!"
— Alex, after Annalisa wanted to close the bunker before the rest of Delta got to it

Alex monitored the area for seismic activity, and when she detected
some, told the GBL to get their people into the emergency bunker. As
they headed towards it, Marcus contacted them and told them that their
signal was being jammed, and that he, Cole, and Baird could not locate
the bunker. Alex was worried about how they would survive, but Annalisa
said that it did not matter, and to leave them behind. Alex refused to,
and told Annalisa to follow her. She contacted Marcus and told him to
describe his surroundings, and had Annalisa figure out that they were in
the GBL's greenhouse. They fought their way to them, and saved them
from being overrun by the Locust. Alex and the others then headed back
towards the bunker, meeting with Jace, Dom, and Thecelia on the way.[4] They all made it into the bunker, except for Marcus, who got hit in the face by a Mauler
and was knocked unconscious. As Baird took charge of the squad, Alex
asked Cole if Baird had time in grade over Dom. He told her he did not,
but that Dom was not the leading type, and that Marcus always expected
Baird to take over if something happened to him. He pointed out that
Alex was a Sergeant and could take over, but Alex decided to let Baird
take charge of the squad, since he knew the others better than she did.
He ordered her to plant grenades on proximity fuses around the door, so
that they could open it when they needed to and kill a lot of Locust.
They would then move around the escape tunnels to get the drop on the Kantus
leading the attack. Alex told him that the tunnels were tight, and that
they would need to take off their armor to move around in them. She
then began planting the grenades around the room. After Baird put a loop
of the children screaming for help on speakers around the facility to
distract the Locust, Alex complimented him on his quick thinking. She
then went with him and Annalisia to kill the Kantus leader, waiting for
it to become distracted while healing a Drone to kill it. They then
regrouped with the rest of the Gears and the GBL after getting Marcus.
When the Gears and GBL began to argue again about them being forced to
come back, Alex told them they would be safer with the COG. However,
their argument was cut short and the evacuation plan was scrapped when
Alex saw Locust reinforcements, including Corpsers and Reavers, arrive, and she told the others.[5]

Alex Brand gears of War 250px-AlexSavesBairdAlex saves Baird from Annalisa.
Alex Brand gears of War 20px-AvatarAdded by The Forgotten Jedi
Escape From JilaneAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"Gears ain't pigs, "sister". And yeah, I'm gonna shoot you."
— Alex, as she shoots Annalisa to save Baird

Once Matron told Marcus where several vans were, the Gears and the
GBL headed to retrieve them and escape Jilane. Alex told Jace that she
would ride in the back of his van, but instead stayed behind to try and
convince Matron and Annalisa to try and escape before they set off a
bomb to kill the Locust and cover the escape. They refused, but Baird
arrived, having also stayed behind and tried to convince them to go as
well. Annalisa hit him and put a gun to his head, and Alex told her to
drop the weapon or she would shoot. She refused, believing that Alex
would not shoot her over putting a gun to a man's head, but Alex did,
hitting her in the shoulder. Baird took Annalisa to a van, and Alex
tried one last time to convince Matron to come with them, but she
refused again. Alex told her that despite what she had done to Alex as a
kid, she had saved the ones that had been with the GBL, and that she
had done a good job. She then ran to the van and got into the driver’s
seat, while Baird tried to get Annalisa inside. Alex threatened to shoot
her again if she did not calm down. She began driving as Matron set off
the bomb, and was able to outrun the explosion, joining up with the
rest of the vans. After they made it back to Jacinto, Baird offered Alex
his thanks for saving his life, and she accepted.[6]

Alex Brand gears of War 250px-AlexAtTheRustyNailAlex at the Rusty Nail.
Alex Brand gears of War 20px-AvatarAdded by The Forgotten Jedi
Meeting with Jace at the Rusty NailAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"I've been curious: how'd your ear get clipped? Lucky day or something?"
— Alex, asking Jace about his ear

One week later, Alex met with Jace at The Rusty Nail in the Steel District of Jacinto City. She had the bartender, Joey,
bring them two beers and put them on her tab. She inquired about how
his visit to the orphanage he had grown up in had gone, and about how a
girl he had rescued, Lily, was doing. Jace told her that Lily was doing fine considering her situation, but that her mom was still in a coma. Alex then asked Jace how his left ear had gotten half of it blown off, and he told her a Torque Bow had almost killed him. She encouraged him to tell the whole story, and he told her about Operation: Midnight.
Once he finished, he told Alex it was her turn to share, and she told
Jace that if he bought the next round, she would share a story.[7]

Lambent PandemicAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

Preparing for PatrolAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"I'd better get a steak out of this."
— Alex, before setting off on patrol for missing livestock

Over a year later, the COG had relocated to the island of Vectes after having been forced to sink Jacinto City. However, they began encountering Lambent creatures around the ocean, and Lambent Stalks began emerging on the island. Alex was selected to go on patrol with Anya, Sgt.Bernadette Mataki, and Pvt.Samantha Byrne to look for some livestock that had gone missing during a recent Lambent incursion at Edlar Farm. She joined Sam in loading a Packhorse
with supplies for the patrol while waiting for Bernie to arrive. After
she did, the four of them got into the Packhorse and beginning heading
out of Vectes Naval Base.
Bernie told them all that they were looking for several cows and two
dogs, and jokingly asked if everyone knew what a cow looked like. Alex
told her that she thought she did, and said she hoped to get a steak out
of the patrol.[8] They stopped outside of the Gorasni
camp first, and Alex smoked a cigar while sitting on the hood of the
Packhorse while Bernie tethered a cow to a post to serve as an early
warning system for Stalk incursions. When Alex saw Baird and Cole
talking with Bernie, she waved at them and flipped Baird off, causing
him to moon her in return, not realizing that Sam and Anya were in the
Packhorse. The three of them laughed at Baird, and after Bernie was
finished, they set off in the Packhorse towards an area south of the
Edlar Farm.[9]

Looking for LivestockAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"Please God, no exploding sheep. I don't want a surreal death."
— Alex, after being informed livestock had turned Lambent and seeing a bunch of sheep nearby

Alex watched as Bernie's dog Mac
began sniffing around for a trail to follow, and asked Bernie what he
was looking for. She told him Mac was trying to find fresh shit, and
Alex told her that if he rolled around in it, she would not be letting
him into the Packhorse again. Alex remarked that she had heard Bernie
had a ranch, and that it must have been a nice place and hard to leave,
but Bernie told her it was easier than she thought. As Alex took out her
cigar and moved to light it, Bernie reached out and took it from her
mouth, telling her to save it until after the patrol, because she needed
to smell in order to track, and that she hated seeing anyone smoke in
uniform. Alex was surprised by this, but put her cigar away to smoke
later. Mac picked up a trail and they began to follow it, but they were
contacted by Baird and informed that the bull they were tracking had
turned Lambent,
and that someone had been killed. Alex listened as Bernie informed Anya
about the situation, and that they needed to hunt down the cows and
make sure they had not turned as well. Alex asked her who had been
killed, worrying that it had been Cole, but Bernie told her it was a
Gorasni named Borusc Eugen,
a friend of Baird's. Alex was surprised Baird had friends besides Cole,
and remarked that it must be true that Bernie was friends with him.
Bernie told her that she judged Baird by what he did and not what he
said, and to leave him alone. Alex told her that was not a problem, and
that Bernie was apparently more tolerant of dumb animals than she was.
They joined up with Anya and Sam, and Mac led them to a hill near a
stream, and they spotted several sheep and a cow grazing. Alex hoped the
sheep were not Lambent because that would be a strange way to die, but
Bernie told her that nobody was going to die, and she headed down to get
a closer look at the animals. Another cow came running out of the
woods, and all of the animals scattered, with the two cows heading for
Bernie. She shot both on instinct and Alex and the others began running
to help her, but neither cow detonated. They realized they were not
Lambent, and wondered what had spooked them. They then noticed Mac
barking, and Anya yelled out that Stalks were coming. Alex got her
Lancer out and began looking around, telling Anya that she could not
feel any tremors. Mac sprinted over to a spot on the ground and began
pawing at it, and Anya ordered everyone to spread out and kill whatever

Battle in the MeadowAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"We better find a recognizable lump. Nobody's going to
believe us and I'm not in the mood to take any shit from Baird about it.
That was damn close.
— Alex, after fighting a pack of Lambent dogs

As they sighted up, Bernie asked Alex if she had killed Polyps
before. Alex asked her if she needed a permit to kill them, and Bernie
told her to treat them like tickers, but worse. The ground then split
open and a stalk emerged,
shooting four meters up into the air, with pulsing blisters on the
sides. They waited for Polyps to follow from the ground, but none came,
and the blisters began to split open and fluid sprayed out. Alex asked
if that was normal, and Sam told her that they had never seen that
happen before. Something was shot of one of the blisters, and they
watched it stand up on four legs, and they realized it was a Lambent dog.
It charged at them, and Bernie shot it, causing it to explode, but the
other blisters opened up and dozens of more dogs began to emerge and
charge at them. They opened fire, cutting them down and sending debris
from them everywhere. After several minutes they stopped coming, and
Alex began looking through the grass at the Lambent dogs remains. She
picked up some charred tissue, and told the others that they needed to
find a recognizable dog part, otherwise nobody was going to believe
them. Bernie agreed, but Anya wanted to call in a King Raven
to look and ordered everyone back to the Packhorse. Alex told her she
was still looking and to wait one, but Bernie had a better idea, telling
Mac to find a recognizable piece of dog. As he shot off, Alex remarked
that dogs could only do that in movies, and Bernie remarked that she
must have never had a dog before. Mac returned with a hind leg from one
of the dogs, and Alex and the others got back into the Packhorse and
returned to VNB.[11]

Prescott's DepartureAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"We heard, sir. Corporal Baird here want to know if he can have his office."
— Alex to Hoffman, after news spread of Prescott's departure

Several days later, Chairman Richard Prescott abandoned the COG, leaving in a small boat with his two close protection
Gears. As news of this spread, Hoffman summoned all NCO's to a meeting,
and Alex went to attend. When Hoffman entered the room, Alex told him
that they had heard, and informed him that Baird wanted his office.
Baird said he needed a workshop that did not flush. Hoffman told them
that he, Captain Quentin Michaelson, and Commander Miran Trescu
would take over command of the COG, but no new Chairman would be
installed until elections were held again. He told them to handle the
civilians with care, since they liked Prescott, and dismissed them.[12]

Alex Brand gears of War 150px-AlexBrandtattoooAlex's Brand tattoo.
Alex Brand gears of War 20px-Avatar2Added by JacktheBlack
Personality and TraitsAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

Alex was an extremely strong-willed and able Gear. Despite the experiences she had gone through at the Birthing Creche at Jilane,
she was untruamatized. One of her most defining traits was her extreme
loyalty to her fellow Gears, refusing to ever abandon them.[4]
This even extended to Baird, whom she did not get along well with, even
to the point of her shooting Annalisa, one of the women whom she had
been in the Birthing Creche with, to save him.[6]

Alex smoked cigars,[7]
and sometimes even smoked them during battle. She had a tattoo of a
bird in the middle of a circle with some of its skeleton showing on her
right arm.[4] She also had a noticeable scar that started above her upper lip and extended down bellow her bottom lip.

Notable quotesAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

"Sounds like you could learn a few lessons in backup, princess."
— Alex talking to Baird after they and Marcus were saved by the rest of Delta
"You got what you wanted. Barren girl becomes the soldier."
— Alex talking to Matron about sending her to become a Gear
"Survival 'SISTER' simple as that. When we win this war, I'll be more judgmental."
— Alex arguing with Annalisa about how she could work with the COG
"You boys call for some backup?"
— Alex talking to Marcus and Delta-One after saving them from Locust
"Well, Princess, where do you want to go? Administration, wards, cafeteria , cells..."
— Alex talking to Marcus and Baird while guiding them through the farm

Behind the ScenesAlex Brand gears of War YH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3DEdit

Alex Brand gears of War 35px-Crimson_Omen
Gearspedia has 37 images related to Alex Brand.

  • The title of the Barren story arc may be a reference to Alex's inability to bear children.[13]
  • Alex was "created" by comic legend Jim Lee.[14]
  • An early multiplayer model of Alex shows that she had tribal
    tattoo's up her right arm as a place holder for her bird tattoo and she
    didn't have her lip scar. The errors have been corrected on her current
    character model which now includes the bird tattoo and the lip scar.
  • Alex is voiced by Laura Bailey.

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